About us

Huge variety on lowest prices

We are specialized in selling tires and performing tire services in Chicago area and suburbs. We work with most tire brands. We are able to do the work we do because of the quality of our service.

Our business started in 2009 as a small 2000 sq. f. tire shop and went through all ups and downs during the years to grow up to a 20,000 sq. f. facility and hundreds of customers. This growth has happened because of our dedication to the service we offer and attention to every small detail of the workflow. We love what we do. Our Truck Tire Repairs Shop is a family business started by the owner Sasho who puts a lot of dedication and knowledge to grow the business with the help of his sons and wife. There is one thing that Sasho says helped him for the success: sustained fast and quality service without the need of a previously arranged appointment. First come – first served.

To keep this business model require perfect organization and management of the resources need to make sure the clients won’t wait and get serviced fast. Delta Tire Sale and Service offer truck tire change, trailer tire change, commercial tire sales, brake change, truck tire alignment, and balance. All of those have the best prices in the market. If you look for the best deals for truck tires (prices and service) in Chicago, we are the place to call. Conveniently located in Wood Dale, Il close to O’Hare Airport as well as I-390, we can serve a massive amount of trucks on daily bases. Look no further, call us, and you will find out why our customers say we are the best.