• brand: MICHELIN
  • model: XDN2
  • size: 275/80R22.5
  • tire-type: Drive Tires
  • tread: 27/32
  • family: Tire

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A wear resistant drive tire from Michelin, the XDN is engineered with longevity and dependability at the forefront. Michelin’s Matrix sipe system provides over 1,300 individual biting edges to increase grip in wet weather and enhance driving and traction levels on dry surfaces. With a series of locking sipes, XDN tires also stabilize every day performance. Wide shoulder grooves increase traction and help protect treads from wearing prematurely. Innovative construction compounds increase tread wear periods while providing exceptional traction on most surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced traction
  • Extra biting edges
  • Wet weather performance
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