Brake shoe


A model number tag for the brake assembly is located on the
camshaft tube. An example of a part number for a 16.5 Q PlusTM
brake is QP1 1657 1234X.

In addition to the model number tag on the cam tube, a brake shoe
label is attached to the brake shoe web. This label provides
information on brake type, lining material and service parts
replacement number.
The brake shoe lining also contains identification. The information
that exists on the edge code of the lining is listed in the following
Meritor stamped logo
Lining mix designation
Friction code
Friction Material Standards Institute (FMSI) number, four to eight
Block type
Meritor part number, last four digits
Word drawing engineering change letter
Julian date, four or five characters Figure 1.13
Identifying Q PlusTM LX500 and MX500 Brakes
NOTE: Do not remove the identification tag from the camshaft
bracket during the extended maintenance period.
You can identify Q PlusTM LX500 and MX500 cam brakes by
checking the identification tags affixed to the brake.
1. A brake shoe tag identifies the brake as Q PlusTM.
2. An additional identification tag imprinted with “SEE MERITOR
which is affixed to the brake chamber bracket over the top of
the plugged grease hole, identifies the brake as a Q PlusTM
LX500 or MX500 brake.
3. Q PlusTM LX500 and MX500 brakes and Meritor automatic
slack adjusters do not have grease fittings.