• Type: Steer Tires
  • Size: 285/75R24.5
  • Tread: 18/32
  • Brand: KUMHO
  • Model: KLS02E

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  • Increased heat dissipation at the belt edge and minimized irregular wear are advantages of the top decoupling groove design
  • Increased removal mileage due to the dual tread design that optimizes both the footprint shape and contact pressure
  • Outstanding wet handling performance, provided by the five-rib, multi-sipe tread design
  • Enhanced retreadability comes from groove bottom protectors designed to prevent stone drilling and stone retention
  • Stabilized footprint pressure and better wear because of optimized belt widths
  • Increased removal mileage due to advanced tread compound molded at 19/32″
  • 75 mph maximum speed for all sizes
  • Kumho SmartWay verified tires use special, low rolling resistance tread cap & base compounds to improve wear and fuel economy
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