• Brand: SUMITOMO
  • Family: Tire
  • Model: ST788SE
  • Size: 295/75R22.5
  • Type: Steer Tires
  • Tread: 18/32

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Sumitomo ST788 SE 295/75R -22.5

The steer axle Sumitomo ST788SE features the S-Tech Design and is designed for long-haul operations. It offers exceptional mileage and fuel efficiency thanks to SmartWay Verified technology construction. In wet surfaces, the wide grooves discharge water from the contact patch to improve resistance to hydroplaning. The multiple sipes also improve grip in wet conditions while reducing uneven wear. Optimized grooves with stone ejectors protect the casing from stone drilling.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized tread pattern minimizes rolling resistance to enhance fuel efficiency
  • Teardrop shaped decoupling groove prevents strain and tearing
  • Improved tread compounds and wide shoulder elements for superior mileage
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